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              YZX Series Self-priming Pumps


              YZX Series Self-priming Pumps

              Scope of application

              Caliber: Φ25-Φ400

              Flow: 3.2-950m3/h

              Head: 8-75m

              Suction range: 0-6.5m

              Product overview

              YZX series self-priming pump is a self-priming centrifugal pump. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long service life and strong self-swelling ability. There is no need to install a bottom valve in the pipeline, and only a certain amount of liquid can be stored in the pump body before work. Therefore, the pipeline system is simplified to improve the working conditions. In industrial and agricultural production, emergency rescue, such as drainage and fire fighting, the use efficiency of emergency pumps is more prominent. ZX pumps are widely used for urban water supply in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, chemical fiber, food, energy, transportation and other industrial sectors, and also for agricultural irrigation and drainage, sprinkler irrigation. It can be used to transport clear water or other liquids with viscosity less than 5 E and temperature less than 80 C whose physical and chemical properties are similar to clear water.



              Application scope

              Applicable to urban environmental protection, construction, fire protection, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, dyestuff printing and dyeing, brewing, power, electroplating, paper making, petroleum, mining, equipment cooling, oil tanker unloading, etc.

              It is suitable for clear water, sea water, chemical medium liquid with acidity and alkalinity, and slurry with general paste (medium viscosity < 100 centiper, solid content can be less than 30).

              product mix


              Product characteristics

              YZX pump has self-priming function. There is no need to install a bottom valve in the pipeline. Before working, it only needs to ensure that there is a quantitative drainage in the pump body to have the function of "one-time drainage and life-long self-priming".

              YZX pump has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, smooth operation and easy maintenance.


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