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              YLF series vertical foam pump


              YLF series vertical foam pump

              Material: High chromium alloy wear-resistant material or rubber material

              Scope of application

              Caliber: 50-200 mm

              Flow: 10-570m3/h

              Head: 5-30m

              Product overview

              YLF series foam pump is a new generation product developed by our factory on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology. The series pump is vertical foam pump, which is suitable for all kinds of flotation process and contains abrasive foam slurry. This series of pumps can effectively eliminate foam in slurry when working. Under the condition of insufficient incoming materials, it can still work normally. It is an ideal pump for conveying foam slurry. Transportation capacity is much higher than other forms of products, and there is no need for any shaft seal and shaft seal water.


              application area

              It is widely used in metallurgical, mining, coal and chemical industries. It is suitable for conveying, especially for various flotation processes.

              Product characteristics

              The bearing body is equipped with a motor base or a motor frame, which can be driven by DC or BD. The belt pulley can be easily replaced to change the speed of the pump to meet the change of working conditions.

              The material box is made of steel structure or stainless steel, steel lining rubber, etc., with tangential inlet and overflow box. The overflow box can conveniently send excess material back to the material pool, and cut into the inlet, enabling the material to enter the pump quickly and eliminate some foam.

              The pump head is a double pump shell structure. According to the different conveying media, metal, rubber or other non-metallic materials can be used for the flow passage parts.


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