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              G (H) grit pump


              Structural features: G (H) series is a single-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal single shell gravel pump (H is high head) connected by a strap. It is composed of pump head, seal, bracket and other three parts. The shaft group is lubricated by grease. The impeller, pump body, front and rear guard plates and other flow passage parts are made of wear-resistant high chromium alloy with a hardness of no less than 58hrc. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, good cavitation performance, strong abrasion resistance, wide flow passage, convenient installation and use, long service life and high operation efficiency. It is suitable for continuous transportation of large abrasive sand in many kinds of harsh environment, such as dredger dredging, sand dredger pumping, river dredging, mining and metal smelting blasting slag.



              Sealing form: the shaft seal of G (H) grit pump can be in the form of packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal or mechanical seal.

              Transmission mode: G (H) sand gravel pump can select V-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear reducer transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, variable frequency drive device, silicon controlled speed regulation and other speed and deformation modes to make it operate under the best working condition.





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