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              Assembly of fractional slurry pump


              The assembly precautions of the fractional slurry pump are as follows:

              1. Fractional slurry pump bearing assembly

              Preheat the inner ring of the bearing during assembly. The temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃. The inner ring of the bearing must be close to the shaft shoulder or the grease retaining ring.

              For double row tapered roller bearings, the inner ring, outer ring and locating sleeve are complete sets of components, which are not allowed to be interchanged with corresponding parts of similar bearings.

              Pay attention to add proper amount of bearing grease when assembling the bearing. Labyrinth ring and labyrinth sleeve are used for sealing at the bearing end cover.

              When installing the labyrinth ring, pay attention to the relative arrangement of the notches in the diameter direction.

              It is recommended to use 2 × 3 or 3 × 3 lithium base grease for bearing grease.

              2. Assembly of packing shaft seal assembly

              The packing shaft seal assembly includes packing box, shaft sleeve, locating sleeve, sealing ring, packing, packing pad, water seal ring, packing gland and other parts. The water seal ring has two structures.

              During installation, pay attention to that the sealing ring between the shaft sleeve and positioning sleeve must be installed in the correct position.

              3. Assembly of shaft seal assembly of auxiliary impeller

              The shaft seal assembly of the auxiliary impeller includes the auxiliary impeller, pressure relief cover, shaft sleeve, positioning sleeve and other parts

              Use lip seal ring and lip seal gland when using rubber pressure relief cover

              Use packing, packing pad, water seal ring and packing gland when using metal pressure relief cover

              Users can choose according to different conditions

              When assembling, pay attention to the position of each sealing ring must be installed correctly

              4. Installation of pump head of fractional slurry pump

              Install the sealing ring in the pump body, and then install the rear guard plate, impeller and sheath with the rear guard positioning nut

              Then press the sheath on the pump body with bolts and fixed pressing plate

              Finally, install the front guard board, pump cover and rubber lined pump, then install the front slurry pump sheath into the pump cover and tighten the bolts

              Then assemble the pump cover with the pump body

              In order to facilitate assembly, apply soapy water or rubber lubricating liquid on the fitting surface

              During assembly, pay attention to the correct position and compression of each gasket

              In order to ensure the correct position of each part and facilitate assembly

              Optional rear guard board and rear sheath lifting tube * 302

              Rear guard board and rear sheath positioning nut * 303 and sheath beam * 304 assembly tool.


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