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              Introduction of non-contact and dry running seal


              (1) The main seal is contact mechanical seal or non-contact seal, and the secondary seal is dry operation seal or dry gas seal. Set fixed non sparking throttling bush or equivalent device between CSD (or CSV) and GBL. When 2cw-cs is selected, if the property of buffer medium is uncertain, CS seal shall be dry running seal

              (2) High environmental protection, can effectively reduce the pollution of media to the environment. Users and suppliers negotiate to decide whether to inject nitrogen, which is more environmentally friendly

              (3) Low maintenance costs. Compared with plan52, this type of seal does not need expensive system support, which reduces system investment and equipment maintenance cost

              (4) Long life. -In general, the design life of secondary seal is longer than that of main seal

              (5) High controllability. Under the working condition, the leakage of the main seal can be monitored at any time; when the main seal fails, the secondary seal can operate for more than 8h under the same working condition as the main seal, making the next step judgment and action for the operator

              (6) Low energy consumption

              Interface Description:

              F - connect with the pump inlet or outlet;

              CSV - connected to torch or blocked;

              CSD - connected to liquid collection tank or blocked;

              GBL - nitrogen inlet

              (1) The primary and secondary seals are all thousand gas seals, and the seal gas pressure is higher than the medium pressure

              (2) High environmental protection performance. Zero escape of process medium

              (3) Low energy consumption. The power consumption of the whole set of seal is much lower than that of the traditional double seal with pressure

              (4) Long life. The whole set of seal operates non-contact, and the pump cavitation and evacuation do not damage the seal

              (5) High controllability. Under working condition, the leakage of main seal can be monitored at any time

              Interface Description:

              GBL - nitrogen inlet;

              GB0 - plugging;

              F-pump flushing port


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