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              Discussion on assembly of slurry pump


              The assembly items of slurry pump refer to the assembly sequence and basic requirements of slurry pump

              The following is the result of the technician's discussion

              1、 Slurry pump assembly matters - bearing assembly

              1. Shaft assembly

              (1) In order to avoid seizing with the mating surface, a layer of lubricating oil shall be coated on the mounting surface before assembly to protect the shaft hole from damage

              (2) The bearing is installed by hot installation method. Put the bearing into the heating box containing oil, and heat it to 80-100 ℃ with oil. The matching surface shall be immersed in oil

              A thermometer shall be placed in the mailbox, and the temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃.

              After hot installation, it shall be cooled naturally without sudden cooling to avoid damage or deformation of parts.

              2. Precautions for bearing assembly

              (1) The qualified bearing must be used and the bearing part shall be maintained

              (2) Check the inner diameter, outer diameter, width of the bearing, the parallelism of the two end faces of the raceway, the roughness of the surface, whether there are rust, spots and other defects, and whether the rotation is flexible

              (3) For angular contact bearings and double row self-aligning bearings, the bearing clearance shall be inspected respectively to find out the raceway center

              And according to the height of the inner ring relative to the outer ring, determine whether to add a pad and the thickness of the pad. The thickness of the pad shall be determined according to the standard clearance of the bearing.

              (4) When assembling the removable bearing, it must be installed according to the alignment mark of the inner and outer rings, and it cannot be installed in disorder

              (5) For bearings with adjustable head assembly, the numbered end shall be outward during assembly for easy identification

              2、 Assembly of bracket part of slurry pump

              1. After the joint surface of bracket body and bracket cover is cleaned, the paper pad thickness shall be determined according to the range of ensuring that the upper and lower bearing holes meet the drawing tolerance.

              Apply sealant to the joint surface of the bracket body, place the gasket on the bracket body, and tighten the stud bolts

              2. Oil loading pool cooler parts and water cooling chamber cover

              3. Assembly of shaft assembly and bracket

              4. Install the oil seal on the pressure bearing cover of the front axle, pad with green shell paper, and connect it with the bracket with bolts

              5. Check the gap between the rear bearing gland and the bearing box, and adjust the gap

              Install the rear bearing cover with oil seal, pad with green shell paper, install it on the shaft, and connect it with the bearing box with bolts

              6. Install the water baffle and the removal ring

              7. Install the adjusting bolt and set screw on the bearing box

              8. Install pump coupling or pump pulley

              3、 Slurry pump assembly matters - mechanical seal installation

              1. Check the mechanical seal model according to the drawings and operation instructions, and prepare the relevant accessories

              2. Clean the stuffing box shaft seal cavity and stop

              3. Install the mechanical seal into the packing box, and install the mechanical seal gland without tightening

              4、 Installation of rear pump housing and rear guard board

              1. Install the rear pump housing on the bracket

              2. Install the sealing rubber ring on the shaft sleeve and install it on the shaft, and then install the packing gland and water seal ring on the shaft sleeve

              3. Install the stuffing box and install the sealing ring in the groove, install the auxiliary impeller sealing ring and install the auxiliary impeller

              4. Install the rear guard stud first, lift the rear guard with lifting tools, install it on the rear pump housing, and tighten the nuts

              5、 Installation of impeller and volute of slurry pump

              1. Install the impeller on the shaft and tighten the compaction auxiliary impeller

              2. Install the rear guard seal ring

              3. Use the spiral case lifting tool to lift the sheath, assemble it on the rear guard board, and install the pump case connecting bolt and clamp board

              Adjust the distance from the top surface of the volute outlet to the top surface of the rear pump housing to 5mm, and then clamp the volute

              6、 Commissioning

              During the test run, the leakage, vibration and temperature rise of the pump shall be inspected, and the tightness of the packing shall be adjusted in time until it is appropriate.


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