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              Fierce competition of scientific research talents in the battle of pump industry at home and abroad


              In recent two years, the investment focus of multinational enterprises in China has shifted from capacity expansion to product R &amp; D. For example, Hitachi has set up its R &amp; D and production base in Wuxi, China, and has sent "competent generals" to take charge of the job in China. After KSB of Germany set up a wholly-owned company in China, the first thing is to recruit talents in China.

              The local brand enterprises, which are in the weak position of R &amp; D, are also catching up with the multinational companies in the era of price advantage. A battle about the pump industry at home and abroad is quietly coming.

              At the opening ceremony of Fujian Far East mechanical and electrical products R &amp; D Co., Ltd., Chen Jianming, chairman of Fujian Far East Electrical Group, revealed that after the establishment of the R &amp; D company, it mainly devoted to the theoretical and Engineering Application Research of domestic water pumps, motors, water supply and drainage equipment. At the same time, we have widely gathered domestic high-tech talents and adopted international first-class R &amp; D means to enhance the core competitiveness of domestic mechanical and electrical products. In the next three to five years, we will not only build a large-scale R &amp; D team, achieve a qualitative leap in independent innovation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, but also build it into a first-class R &amp; D center in China.

              However, compared with multinational companies, the existing R &amp; D strength of local brand enterprises is still weak, and the product R &amp; D situation is not satisfactory. In general, about half of R &amp; D institutions fail to play their due role. Take Shenyang Pump Research Institute, the earliest one in China, as an example. Its R &amp; D personnel are only a few dozen at present.

              Qian Yichao, President of China irrigation and drainage machinery industry association, said anxiously: "technology development is a long-term work, which should be closely combined with the market. In particular, it will take a long time to transform scientific research achievements into productive forces. We must set short-term and long-term goals, and have a good leader and some excellent people, so as to truly play the role of R &amp; D companies. In order to improve the added value of product technology and establish the brand of the enterprise, we should also take a good lead for the industry. "

              Industry analysts believe that before China's accession to the WTO, local brand enterprises rely on price advantages and cheap labor costs, slowing down the pace of multinational products in the Chinese market. With the end of the protection period of China's accession to the WTO, the competition between Chinese and foreign companies is short-term and hard hitting. Whoever has advanced technology and is more in line with the national industrial policies of energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection will win the new round of market competition.

              According to the introduction of Li Guanghui, vice mayor of Fu'an City, in recent years, the motor pump industry cluster in eastern Fujian has formed a certain scale, and the export of small and medium-sized motor pumps has accounted for one third of the national share. After the establishment of Fujian Far East mechanical and electrical product research and Development Co., Ltd., it will play a positive role in the adjustment of regional industrial structure and the promotion of technological progress of the whole industry 。

              It is based on this understanding that Fujian Far East Motor Group decided to have a big action and investment in technology research and development.

              With the continuous expansion of market share, especially in the past two years, the high-end market has higher and higher requirements for product technology and quality. "The export-oriented enterprises like the Far East are basically produced in accordance with the requirements of foreign users. Due to the lack of core technology products, there are no less than 10 government procurement projects wasted in my hands. If such project enterprises are grasped, they will go to a higher level." Chen Jian, general manager of Fujian Far East Motor Group, said with emotion, "how to improve the technical content of products, from labor-intensive enterprises to high-tech enterprises, has become a top priority."

              Chen Jianming said that the establishment of Fujian Far East mechanical and electrical product research and Development Co., Ltd. is not only for the service of an enterprise of Far East Motor Group, but also for the overall improvement of the product structure of the mechanical and electrical industry. The focus of future work is to find a new breakthrough in the combination of industry, education and research, and focus on improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

              It is understood that in addition to the Far East of Fujian, a large number of well-known domestic pump enterprises, such as Tianjin Ganquan pump group, have also established their own R &amp; D centers in "marriage" with well-known domestic universities.

              "A first-class scientific research team must have first-class talents." Chen Jianming said that he will recruit, train and train first-class R &amp; D teams across the country.

              This means that a new round of competition will be launched in the talent competition. According to the recruitment plan announced by major companies, there will be at least tens of thousands of high-end R &amp; D talents in the future.


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