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              The investment of China's pump industry will far exceed that of Europe and Africa


              Pump sales worldwide will reach $58 billion a year for the first time in 2021. McIlvaine 'sPumps world market report said. According to the report, the centrifugal pump will account for 70% of the total tax revenue, and the diaphragm pump, reciprocating pump and rotary rotor pump will form other parts.

              The most vigorous demand for pumps is the municipal drinking water project, followed by the municipal sewage treatment part. The refineries are third, and the power sector is fourth.

              In the next few years, Asia will be at the forefront of a wide range of regional needs, including municipal drinking water treatment and sewage treatment, in addition to pharmaceuticals, McIlvaine said. In the coal-fired power sector, Asia will spend far more than the rest of the world combined. China will invest more in coal-fired power plants for pump demand, which will far exceed the combined investment of Europe and Africa.


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