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              Development trend of slurry pump industry


              With the increasing use and scope of slurry pump, the development trend of slurry pump industry is promising. The application field of slurry pump determines the future market of slurry pump, and its application field is the most basic energy production field and basic transportation field

              The development trend of slurry pump industry is as follows:

              1. Diversification of pump design: it has been widely researched and applied to many varieties, perfect series, various materials and various new technologies

              2. With the development of large scale and large capacity, the export diameter of foreign pumps has reached 1000mm, and the flow rate has reached 20000m3 / h

              3. The further application of computer technology develops to the modern production based on cad-capp-cam

              4. Expand the application of high-level computer technology such as automation, optimization design, finite element analysis, digital image, dynamic stress analysis, dynamic simulation test and numerical control technology in business management process

              5. In order to adapt to the development and change, the pump is developing towards modularization and general structure. With the modernization of design and manufacturing technology, it can ensure that there are many varieties and small batches. The external structure is developing towards the direction of light, delicate, easy disassembly and maintenance

              6. In the sealing technology, new concepts, methods, materials and processes are applied and developed towards high parameters, high performance and high level, so as to improve the life and wear resistance of the packing seal, improve the structure and develop the mechanical seal of the auxiliary impeller seal


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