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              Development status of sewage pump


              Sewage pump company summarized that since 2007, the sewage treatment industry has achieved an annual growth rate of nearly 50%, 40% higher than the GDP growth rate. In addition, the impetus at the policy level is also strengthening. In May this year, the 12th Five Year Plan for construction of national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities issued by the State Council said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the planned investment for construction of national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities was nearly 430 billion yuan. But the problem of wastewater discharge is increasingly prominent. For the wastewater treatment industry, this is not only a difficult problem, but also a big cake.

              During the 12th Five Year Plan period, with the upgrading of sewage treatment plant, the continuous improvement of water treatment and water supply scale, as well as the improvement of sludge treatment and reclaimed water recycling ratio, the water treatment industry will usher in a large number of development opportunities. Overall, it can be reflected in the following four aspects: first, there are a large number of sewage pump treatment projects that have been built and are under construction, and the national requirements for effluent quality of sewage pump treatment plant are more stringent, from level B to level a, many existing sewage pump treatment plants need to be upgraded. Secondly, the annual treatment capacity of sewage in the 12th Five Year Plan will reach 50 billion cubic meters. Provincial capitals and prefecture level cities are still the focus of construction. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, there are 379 cities with construction demand. The treatment scale of new facilities will be mainly small and medium-sized, but it will continue to increase. Third, with the continuous increase of urban population, there is also a demand for new construction and expansion of water purification plants in China. At the same time, the "12th Five Year Plan" has also improved the quoted standards, from 35 standards to 106. Finally, according to the requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon economy development, urban sewage pump treatment will focus on pollutant emission reduction, and sludge treatment and sewage recycling will become a new hot spot of industry development. China's water treatment market will be in a "golden growth period" for a long time to come. At the same time, the localization of water treatment automation system will become the inevitable trend of the industry development.

              The production of domestic sewage treatment equipment began in the middle and late 1970s, when the level of standardization, complete set and seriation of products was very low, and there were few finalized products. Since the 1990s, the relevant departments of the state have successively carried out technical transformation to the main sewage pump treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises, improving the manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level. The production level of the special equipment for urban sewage pump treatment and the general equipment matching with it has been greatly improved. At present, all or main equipment of the 5, 10, 25 and 50 ton sewage pump treatment plant can be localized. Among them, the domestic microporous aerator, high-strength aerator, belt filter press, all kinds of grid decontamination machine, mud scraper, sand scraper, aeration brush, aeration blower, large sewage pump, submersible pump, etc. have basically been able to meet the domestic market demand, and some products are exported.

              In terms of product design, domestic equipment, such as sewage sludge lifting system, mechanical filtration and sedimentation system, aeration treatment system, sludge dewatering treatment system, which can handle 50000 tons to 500000 tons per day, has reached the level of the international 1980s and can provide complete sets of equipment. In terms of product level, the efficiency of single unit equipment of blowers, sewage pumps, submersible pumps and other products with large energy consumption has been close to the international level in the 1980s. The overall level of the complete set of products is equivalent to that of the international 1970s and 1980s.


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