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              Current situation and development of slurry pump technology in China


              1、 General situation of Slurry Pump Enterprises

              The state-owned enterprises (such as Shenyang pump, Shishui pump, Changsha Pump of Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., Shanghai electric power repair and construction plant, etc.) that produce pumps with high-tech content for power plant (including nuclear power), metallurgy, petrochemical and other departments maintain their existence. ITT, KSB, Zaoyuan and other world-famous pump enterprises (such as pump-ksb) , ITT Nanjing gulz, Garrett stubbornness, bopump stubbornness, Dani Sulzer (hermetic, Riva Herbert), fopump Andritz, Dalian Empire, Shanghai nikoni, etc.) have gradually entered China, and private pump enterprises have developed rapidly. At present, there are about 1000 domestic pump enterprises, accounting for 1 / 10 of the world's 10000 pump enterprises; the output value of domestic pump in 2004 was about 22 billion yuan, accounting for about 1 / 10 of the world's 27 billion US dollars; the output value of the world's top ten Pump Enterprises accounted for about 22% of the world's total output value; the output value of China's top ten pump enterprises also accounted for about 22% of the national pump output value.

              The annual growth rate of domestic slurry pump output value is 10.5%, which is about 1.5 times of the national economic growth rate and 2.5 times of the world pump annual growth rate of 4.3%. With the development of construction, power, steel, petrochemical and environmental protection industries and the increase of pump products exported to the third world, this rapid growth situation will remain for several years.

              From a regional perspective, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have the fastest development, with the annual output value of pumps accounting for about 60% of the country's total; Shanghai's annual output value of pumps accounts for about 20% of the country's total; half of the top 10 pumps in China are ranked by sales value in Shanghai, so Shanghai has gradually become the center of the national pump industry.

              2、 Current situation and development of slurry pump technology

              1. The sources of pump product drawings in China can be divided into joint design, introduction, self-development, etc

              (1) Joint design products: the research unit mainly focuses on the Shenyang pump Institute. In the 1960s-1980s, many kinds of joint design of pumps were organized by relevant pump factories. Such as ? is (IB) single-stage single suction centrifugal pump; IH chemical pump; s (SH) double suction centrifugal pump; D (DG) segmental multi-stage pump; W-type vortex pump; Y-type oil pump; JC deep well pump; HW mixed flow pump; QJ deep well submersible pump; IR hot water pump; bpz sprinkler self-priming pump; FY corrosion-resistant under liquid centrifugal pump; 3G three screw pump, etc. Time: February 16, 2010

              (2) Introduction of products: before the 1980s, there were few pump technologies introduced into China. At the beginning of reform and opening up, a large number of pump technologies were introduced from abroad. With foreign pump companies entering China in the form of joint venture or sole investment, some new pump product technologies were also brought in.

              ?? for example: stone water pump industry - Werman's slurry pump; Shen pump (upper pump) - German KSB company's boiler feed pump; Shanghai electric power repair factory - British will company's boiler feed pump; Shanghai water pump factory - KSB company's condensate pump; Changsha water pump factory - Japanese Hitachi company's condensate pump; Dalian acid resistant pump factory - Swiss Sulzer company's condensate pump CZ, Za (ZE) and other chemical process pumps; Shanghai water pump plant pump - sewage pump of American dresser company; Foshan water pump plant - water ring vacuum pump of German Siemens company; Shanghai water pump plant - KSB The company's hot water pump and marine pump; Tianjin Industrial pump plant screw pump of alveiler company in Germany; Tianjin Industrial pump plant marine pump of Dahuang company in Japan; Nanjing deep well pump plant submersible sewage pump of ABS company in Germany; Changsha Pump Plant large vertical diagonal flow pump of Ingersoll company in the United States; Shanghai No.1 pump plant m · J in the United Kingdom The company's high lift multi-stage centrifugal pump; Xiangfan No.5 five year plan plant - phosphoric acid pump of H.S company of France, etc.

              These imported pump products, with mature technology and advanced performance, play an important role in promoting the development of China's pump technology and become the main body of China's pump products, which are still produced in large quantities. Some of them also have problems in structure or performance, which should be further improved.

              (3) Products of foreign joint venture (sole proprietorship) pump enterprises in China: Shanghai KSB omega (RDL) Double suction pump, boiler feed pump and condensate pump; Garrett (stubble) - chemical process pump; Foshan (Andritz) - pulp pump; Nanjing gurz - ISO single-stage single suction centrifugal pump and p-section multistage centrifugal pump; Dalian Empire - shield pump; Shenyang Feili - submersible sewage pump; Suzhou Grundfos - ram pump; Lanzhou Netzsch - screw pump. The quality of these products is better than that of domestic products. Although the price is high, the sales situation is good.

              (4) Ay oil pump; TSWA multistage centrifugal pump; ZJ, ZG, Zn, ZT slurry pump; pipeline pump; direct centrifugal pump; high-rise water supply pump; air conditioning pump; submersible sewage pump; vertical sewage pump; submersible axial flow pump (mixed flow pump; double suction pump; pulp pump, etc.). Most of these products are not universal and standardized, and their performance needs to be further improved.

              2. Key pump products have been basically nationalized from partial import to now

              Due to the introduction of products and the entry of famous enterprises such as KSB, the production capacity of pumps in China has been significantly improved. The main key pumps in the national economic sector can basically be produced. For example: supercritical boiler feed pump (temperature and pressure 25-35mpa); high-speed pump and high-pressure multistage pump for ethylene and hydrogenation unit; high-pressure descaling pump for steel plant; large water transfer pump for Dongshen and South-to-North Water Diversion Project; large flow high lift (1000m) drainage pump for mining; flue gas desulfurization pump for power plant; high-temperature oil slurry pump for refinery. 3. New technology based on CAD is widely used

              (1) The mould, blade and important parts of the pump are processed by numerical control machine, which can improve the manufacturing quality of the pump.

              (2) Pump hydraulic design and drawing software gradually replace manual calculation and drawing. Some people ask how efficient the pump designed with this software is. This is what the layman said. No matter how good the software is, it should also be used by people. It can be integrated into the designer's


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